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Success Stories:

Bolt-On Split Stuffing Box
Submerged Ash Conveyor
Bolt-on split stuffing box eliminates leakage

Paper mill had tried everything to contain or eliminate shaft
leakage from a submerged ash conveyor. The OEM shaft seal
was inadequate for the application and failed within weeks
after installation.
Maintenance asked their vendors for solutions, and each one
had quoted a custom made split seal at a cost of $26,000.00 and up.

Fluid Sealing Service’s engineers looked at the problem and suggested a bolt-on split stuffing box at a cost of $6,800.00. Maintenance liked this recommendation and ordered the bolt-on split stuffing box.

To prep the ash conveyor, maintenance had drilled and tapped four holes around the shaft using FSS supplied drawings. When the 316 SS stuffing box arrived, installation took 45 minutes.

Every component was split and it came with a self-adjusting gland follower to keep proper compression on the packing. Zero leakage.