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world-class industrial sealing devices, services and solutions
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to Fluid Sealing Service’s global site, the largest selection of industrial sealing devices, onsite services and specialized tools on the Internet.
We are highly skilled specialists with years of in-the-field experience providing proven solutions for your toughest sealing applications that create efficiencies, value and reliability.

Fluid Sealing Service specializes in providing proven sealing systems for your tough applications where everything else you have tried failed. With our in-the-field experience and our sealing application engineers, we are able to provide solutions to your problems.

From bolt-on stuffing boxes, to spiral unitized compression packing sets, to spring loaded packing sets, to split mechanical seals, to live-loaded fugitive emission sealing sets, to alignment sets, to injectable packing systems, to joint gasket tapes, to a high pressure waterjet packing extractors, we have the products and solutions.

Fluid Sealing Service not only can design and manufacture a sealing system for your application, we can also install it. Our specialized services include installation of all sealing systems, online leaking sealing up to 6000psi, turnkey valves repacks guaranteed leak-free for 5 years, high pressure concrete crack sealing, pipe and pipeline restoration, energy audits, 100% guaranteed rotating equipment repacks, valve renewals/rebuilds, and valve lubrication maintenance.
We do it right the first time . . . . every time!

We have built our company on honesty and loyalty, loyalty to our customers, loyalty to our employees and loyalty to our suppliers. Committed to service and excellence, our small company is composed of skilled craftsmen pursuing excellence through quality work at a fair price, which equates in real value to you, our customers.

Fluid Sealing Service serves a global market providing products, on-site services or sealing solutions to over 40 industries in the United States, Canada, Far East, Europe, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sweden, Netherlands Antilles and many other countries.

If you need to talk to a real person and get real answers, we actually pick up the phone when it rings! Visit our Company page to learn more about us.

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